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Azahar del Mediterráneo” is a residential complex for the elderly. The Centre is situated in central Castellon city.
“Azahar del Mediterráneo” is based on the modern concept of complete residential care for the elderly.
Living here, you will be able to continue your own life, carrying on an active lifestyle with the added support of professional carers. For people from Madrid, Great Britain or Germany, living in Castellon presents an opportunity to enjoy the Mediterranean climate in a peaceful and accessible city.
We expect to have on site medical care, occupational activities, rehabilitation programmes, as well as opportunities to follow sporting and leisure time interests and enjoy a healthy life,. We are developing the facilities for all these, using up-to-date equipment and technology, in a comfortable environment supported by qualified personn

Residential center

Residential center, with a different concept to a geriatric. Our goal is to have elders maintained.

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Day Center

The appropriate place to spend those hours of leisure between elderly and care they need.

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with hotel services

• Accommodation and full board.
• Catering for special diets
• Religious Services
​• Programmed visits to specialists
​• Medic assistance
​• Attention to the whole person
​• Occupational therapy
​• Rehabilitation and physiotherapy
​• Social cultural animation
​• The Hairdresser, Beautician and Manicure services
​• Podiatry service
​• Laundry and ironing services
​• PharmacistPersonal hygiene

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Reducción de capital
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Residencial Azahar del Mediterraneo, S.A. Reducción de capital  La Junta General Ordinaria de Accionistas celebrada el día 30 de junio de 2017 acordó
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Convocatoria Junta general ordinaria para el 30 de junio de 2017
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Por acuerdo del Consejo de Administración de esta sociedad de fecha 23 de mayo de 2017, se convoca a los accionistas de la mercantil “RESIDENCIAL AZAHAR DEL
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Convocatoria Junta general extraordinaria para el 11 de enero de 2017
Digital-es | 09 December
Por acuerdo del Consejo de Administración de esta sociedad de fecha 30 de noviembre de 2016, se convoca a los accionistas de la mercantil “RESIDENCIAL AZAHAR
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+34 964 724 934


San Joan de Moró, 3
12003 Castellón, Spain

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